Can you believe it, Memorial Day Weekend 2018, is here. The start to the summer vacation season at the Jersey Shore is a time of mixed emotions for me as a year-rounder in Margate.

Just like everyone, I love the nice weather, the beach and living close to the ocean. But the summertime crowds, traffic and the long lines can be a bit of an aggravation. When we first moved to town about 15 years ago, all I could think about was how cool it would be to be part of the summer excitement at the Shore. Now, honestly, I think I prefer the quiet of the off-season.

Some local lifers I know, who have dealt with the ebb and flow of the shoobie crowds all their lives, seem better at just taking it all in stride and using that lifetime of experience to avoid potential annoying summer situations. That's good advice for all locals. The money the summer tourists spend fuels our Shore economy all-year round. We owe it to everyone to be good hosts.

For those of you who have chosen my town as your place to get away and enjoy a few days of relaxation at the Shore this summer; welcome!  We think it's a great place, too.

The folks who live here in your vacation spot have a few little things we would ask that you keep in mind while you are visiting. Here are  some items I thought of and I encourage you to add your own suggestions in the comments section below.

In no particular order...

- Please be careful driving and watch for pedestrians, bikers, beach goers, skate boarders, etc. You are on vacation, so slow down and enjoy it.

-  Try to be patient and polite. Your rude behavior may be tolerated, but it is not unnoticed. Your bad behavior is what we will talk about the next time we complain about the shoobies. Again, you are on vacation, would it kill you to be nice?

- Be safe on our beaches and waterways.  Every year we hear the stories of people who disregard this warning and die.  Don't be one of them.

- Since you seem to have taken all the available restaurant reservations until September, we assume you like to eat in our great restaurants. Please tip the hard-working folks serving you well. They have bills, alimony, mortgage payments, credit card debt and a house-full of screaming little kids who are counting on them.

- We love our town and we hope you love it too. That means we really dislike it when you litter in our streets or pee on our lawns.  Really, do we even have to remind you about some of this stuff?

Do you have anything to add for our out-of-town guests?

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