When we ask you how you'd spend an extra $5,000, the most common answer is pay bills. And, of course, that's the PRACTICAL thing to do.

But, we wanted to have a little fun and offer up some very IMPRACTICAL ways to blow that kind of cash in some very South Jersey ways this fall and winter. So, here's what happened when we ran the numbers.

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  • Eric Hood/thinkstock
    Eric Hood/thinkstock

    625 Pumpkin Pies

    The average national cost of a pumpkin pie is about $6, and whipped cream about $2. With $5,000 you could buy roughly 625 pies including the topping.

  • ClaraNila/thinkstock

    50 Christmas in Cape May Carriage Tours

    For $50 a pair, you and your sweetie can cuddle up and explore holiday lights and Cape May sights on a horse and carriage tour over and over till the end of the year.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    1,000 Peppermint Mocha Lattes

    You can make it rain at Starbucks 1,000 times over, and treat everyone you know (and maybe some people you don't) to a grande size of the season's most sought-after beverage.

  • Jupiterimages/thinkstock

    100 Real Christmas Trees

    Want basically a whole forest in your house this Christmas? With the average cost of a real tree about $50, you could buy 100 of them and deck the halls better than anyone you've ever met.

  • Steve Mason/thinkstock
    Steve Mason/thinkstock

    Have 62.5 Inches of Snow Removed

    The average cost of 6 inches of snow removal in South Jersey is about $80. With $5k, you could have the professionals take care of your snowfall up to 62.5 inches (if it comes to that!).

  • Chris Kissel/TSM Media Library
    Chris Kissel/TSM Media Library

    165 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

    According to Walmart, the average cost of an Ugly Christmas Sweater is about $30. You could outfit your entire family, friends, and co-workers with five thousand dollars.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    125 of Bougie Champagne

    Yep. You could throw quite the New Year's Eve shindig with 125 bottle of bubbly, and we're talking THE GOOD STUFF. A bottle of classic Moet & Chandon runs about $40 at this South Jersey discount liquor store. Just drink responsibly. :-)

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