There's still plenty more Summer of SoJO to enjoy, and there are always way to take your fun to the next level! From a sand-resistant beach towel to a fashionable wet suit, here are seven awesome products that can make summer so much better!

BuzzFeed has compiled a list of smart summer products that will have you saying 'Why didn't I think of that?!'.


    Motorized Cooler Scooter

    Ever dragged a cooler full of food and drinks to the beach or party? You're exhausted by the time you get to where your going! The motorized cooler scooter from Hammacher Schlemmer takes care of all the work!

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    Sandless Beach Mat

    There's nothing like trying to shake out a towel full of sand especially when there's a stiff beach breeze! This mat (that fits a friend) from Hammacher Schlemmer repels sand altogether! So no more taking the beach home with you!


    Waterproof Boom Box

    Love tunes at the beach but can't stand sand or water close to your smartphone? This EcoTerra boom box has a waterproof case to keep your electronics safe!


    Pizza Towel


    Tuxedo Wet Suit


    Kickball Ice Cream Maker

    Yes. This is a kickball AND an ice cream maker. Play around outside, then reward yourself with some homemade ice cream. Available at


    Moving Golf Caddy

    Why would you drag a bag full of golf clubs around 18 holes in the hot summer sun when you can have this X9 robotic golf caddy from!