Class trips, field trips, whatever your school called them, you've definitely experienced an adventure with your peers outside school walls. In fact, if you went to school in this area, chances are you've probably been to at least one of the following places.

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    The Franklin Institute

    Of course this is number one on our list. At this point, The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is a given for at least one field trip per school in the South Jersey area. This place is jam packed with scientific artifacts and exhibits that let kids have lots of fun while learning, so it's no surprise why schools just keep setting up field trips there.

    I'm pretty sure I actually went there three years in a row, but because of the Human Heart Crawl and Dinosaur Fossil exhibits, I couldn't complain.

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    Any Local-ish Aquarium

    Whether it be the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, the Atlantic City Aquarium, or even the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland [this was my fifth grade trip], you've bound to have been to at least one of them with your class. There's just something about sea creatures floatin' around and minding their own business that never gets old.

    I used to laugh atrociously at all the little penguins waddling around.

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    The Cape May Zoo

    FREE trips are the best trips, right? The Cape May Zoo has no surcharge year-round and has over 550 animals representing over 250 species in 85 acres of exhibits. With that being said.....why do people in Jersey still go to the Philadelphia zoo? There's more animals, more exhibits, without ANY cost?

    "Where do I sign up?" - your superintendent.

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    Storybook Land

    This is where toddlers' dreams are made a reality. Storybook Land, located on the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township, has been keeping childhood spirit alive through an exciting and educational environment.

    I will never forget how blown away I was when I touched the frozen 'North Pole' in the June heat.

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    The Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Another notable historic landmark in Philadelphia, The Museum of Art is a very common class trip location for young students. Despite the fact that an art museum is a very quiet and reserved area, not a lot of elementary schools bring their students here. This is because...well, kids can be loud and out of control.

    When I went to the Museum of Art, our class was officially declared 'mature enough' in terms of behaving ethically in a public setting. Looking at art never felt so empowering.

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    Battleship New Jersey

    A visit to the gigantic USS New Jersey (BB-62) Naval ship docked in the Delaware River right on the Camden Waterfront was absolutely breathtaking to fourth-grade me. You get to learn about most important half-century in American history while observing enormous artillery deployers, the legendary 16 inch gun turrets, and so much more.

    It's a surprise if any South Jersey school didn't send their students there for a field trip or two.

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