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Don't forget about your furry friends this Halloween!

And there are all sorts of costumes for your pet out there depending on their size and how much clothing they are actually willing to put on.

Take a look at some of the spookiest....and most adorable....costume options for your pet!


This costume is very simple yet effective. With just one simple piece, your pup can transform from a cuddly pup to a ferocious lion!

UPS Paw Pal

They deliver your presents so you don't have to hit the overly crowded stores this upcoming holiday season. But be careful because puppy treats have been known to go missing before reaching their destination.


Giddy up! This costume can fit on just about any sized dog (plus they have various sizes) that will let you put a cowboy on their back.


This comfy dog costume is absolutely precious. Now all you need to do is dress up as Lilo for you and your dog to coordinate beautifully.


There are all sorts of superhero costumes available for your dog: Super DogBad Dog and Wonder Dog. They will run, fly and fight crime this Halloween to make sure EVERYONE gets their fair share of candy...and dog treats.

Bumble Bee


Translation: Is this not the cutest costume for your pup EVERR!?!?!

Did we miss any of the REALLY good ones? Let us know and we will add it to the list but everyone deserves a good Halloween costume.