It's Earth Day!  Today is a good day to remind yourself to be more mindful about taking care of the planet.  And it really is the little things that count.  But if Mother Earth is a temple, so is your body.  So I thought I'd share a few simple tips for greening your beauty routine.  You wouldn't believe how many chemicals are in the products we all use to stay gorgeous and fresh every day!  Here are some helpful alternatives.  There are dozens of therapeutic items in your very own kitchen!

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    Green your face creams.

    Switch out any face creams that contain mineral oil for a cream that contains natural plant oils and butters, such as shea butter, grape seed oil, etc., all of which are incredible hydrating and nourishing.

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    What's really in your toothpaste?

    Buy a natural whitening toothpaste instead of the brands that contain bleach and a host of other unhealthy chemicals. I like Tom's.

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    A healthier, even complexion.

    Switch out your foundation for a non-irritating brand that contains loads of nourishing ingredients. Josie Maran (Sephora) makes a foundation that's so light and dreamy and filled with argan oil.

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    Simplify your scents.

    Choose fragrance-free body lotions and deodorants because it's the fragrance that can contain over 100 synthetic chemicals that may not be good for your health. Origins and Burt's Bees have great lines.

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    Wash those chemicals right out of your hair.

    Try paraben and sulfate free shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.  They won't gunk of your drain or your cuticles.  Alterna has a bamboo line that's amazing.  I also love Wen (yes, the kind from the infomercial).  It's conditioning shampoo, which means it cuts a step in the shower and even wastes less water!