It doesn't matter whether you were born and raised here, or made this place your home later in life, we all know that there are plenty of reasons why South Jersey is the bees knees. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, let's give thanks to the area we call home.

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    NJ: The Home of Sound Recording

    We think it's really cool that Thomas Edison invented pretty much everything involved in early music production in New Jersey, even if it was technically in Newark.

    Edison made the first phonograph machine to record sound, which paved the way for the evolution of recording into the present day, and he did so in our beloved Garden State!

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    Big City Neighbor

    For some living in South Jersey, Philadelphia is only minutes away. The city is soaked in culture, and being so close allows us to dive right into it and return to our comfortable suburban home afterwards. Not to mention the food there is always top notch, no matter where you go, and at least one cheesesteak, while clichéd and stereotyped, is obligatory for any visitor.

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    Ingram Publishing

    Brisk Daily Commutes

    Aside from the whir of road work and gridlocked traffic that comes with it, South Jersey drivers are always going 3X too fast, which means getting around the bottom half of our small state can be a breeze.

  • View of the Ocean City boadwalk. Bruce Emmerling
    View of the Ocean City boadwalk. Bruce Emmerling

    Going "Down the Shore"

    Even if you don't live in a shore town, most of us grew up taking 'vacations' to the Jersey shore. No matter where you visit, our coast is always a great place to explore and better yet, it's only a stones throw away!

  • Where would we in SJ be without these? Townsquare Media
    Where would we in SJ be without these? Townsquare Media

    Wawa (of course)

    Many of us would be lost in life if we didn't have a Wawa in close proximity at all times. Even when you're not there buying the convenient food or delicious coffee, it's usually one of the closest spots where we can find a free ATM.  Your order can even help you determine which gift to ask for this holiday season, with this quiz.

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