The lunch hour as we know it in America is becoming endangered as more and more of the work force give into the pressure to be more productive.  According to a new survey more than 50% of us take less than 30 minutes to refuel during the workday, with many of us working while we munch.  Here are 5 reasons you should strive to carve out a daily lunch break.

1.When answering emails or working on a project while eating, your mind doesn't realize your body is being fed because its preoccupied.  This type of mindless munching could lead to overeating at lunch or later in the day because your body doesn't know its just gotten a meal.

2.Eating on the run or scarfing a quick bite or two will make more time for completing your workload, but it could also lead to heartburn, bloating and poor digestion because you likely won't be concentrating on fully chewing your food.

3.Your brain could use the break!  Turn off the computer, put the phone on Do Not Disturb, and put your mind on standby.  Taking lunch could be just the brief reprieve your head needs in this world of information overload.

4.Even just a short time dedicated to taking a meal in the grand scheme of an 8 (sometimes 9!) hour workday, and taking a moment for yourself instead of taking care of everyone else can help you feel more relaxed and even re-energized so you can complete the rest of your day.

5.Taking your lunch hour outside of the office could give you the opportunity to catch up with a friend or colleague, killing two tasks at once!