We love teachers and we know you love teachers, but do teachers love the gifts we give them? From apples to gift cards, how do you thank the person or persons responsible for instructing the young minds of America?

Here's a short list of common gifts teachers receive (and probably don't want).

  • 1


    You think your mom has enough candles to open their own Yankee store? How much cabinet space does one have for mugs? Trust us, you're not the only one with the idea to give them this gift.

  • 2

    Homemade Food/Treats

    Treats are always a nice way to say thanks, but with all the food allergies and people being more conscious than ever about what they put in their mouths, maybe cross those cookies off the list.

  • 3


    This is just weird. You don't know their size or preferences. Don't do it...just don't. If anything, a gift card to any business-casual clothing store wouldn't hurt.

  • 4


    They're teachers. Not waiters. They don't work for tips, and in some districts, they may not even legally be allowed to accept them. Plus, giving them cash as a gift just makes you seem lazy.

  • 5

    Things with Apples

    Nobody likes an overused joke. At this point, apples are probably a teachers' most hated fruit. Sure, it's the traditional item that comes to mind when we think of the education profession, but if the teacher has been teaching for some years now, they're probably sick of all the seemingly clever apple-motifs.

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