We hope you're loving our Pop Stars of the 90's Weekend as much as we are!  It's good to relive some of the songs we rarely hear anymore.  It got me thinking about some super talented vocal groups that just didn't transcend the decade.  Here are five that should have been bigger than they were.


  • 1

    Color Me Badd

    With songs like 'I Wanna Sex You Up' and 'All 4 Love', these four talented men should have been the perfect New Kids follow-up.  But comparisons to their looks (George Michael, Kenny G, Milli Vanilli) often outshined their killer songs.

  • 2

    Wild Orchid

    Yep, that's Fergie before Black Eyed Peas.  Back in the late 90's she was one third of a vocal powerhouse trio, helmed by the same man who eventually took Christina Aguilera toward superstardom.  But Stacy 'Fergie' Ferguson's drug abuse stalled their fame.

  • 3

    All 4 One

    I swear 'I Swear' was played at every wedding I went to in the 90's.  All the boys in this group had killer vocal range, but never were given the kinds of songs to put them on par with Boyz II Men.

  • 4

    Bell Biv DeVoe

    Well, how couldn't three guys from New Edition go far?  I don't know!  But post 'Poison' and 'Do Me' they all got sidelined with solo projects and producing for other artists.

  • 5


    They came from down under, and that's eventually where they stayed, but these four ladies who worked with the same songwriters that made Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, and Spice Girls famous didn't amount to more than a one-hit wonder.

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