With all of the rain we have had over the past few weeks, New Jersey's beaches are being heavily monitored for bacteria levels. After heavy rainfall the waterways get inundated with run-off which includes high levels of bacteria. While all roads may lead to Rome, all water leads to the ocean.

47 New Jersey beaches tested at high levels of bacteria that is found in both human and animal fecal matter. The water samples from these beaches had more than 104 colony forming units of Enterococci bacteria per 100 milliliters of water, according to NJ.com. 29 of these beaches are in South Jersey. These South Jersey beaches are being closely monitored and are teetering on being closed down until the bacteria levels lower to a safe level.

Atlantic County

  • Albany Ave (Atlantic City)
  • Austin Ave (Ventnor City)
  • Bartram Ave (Atlantic City)
  • Chelsea Ave (Atlantic City)
  • Clermont Ave (Margate City)
  • Dorset Ave (Ventnor City)
  • Dover Ave (Atlantic City)
  • Gladstone Ave (Margate City)
  • Illinois ave (Atlantic City)
  • Kentucky Ave (Atlantic City)
  • Michigan Ave (Atlantic City)
  • Missouri Ave (Atlantic City)
  • New Haven Ave (Ventnor City)
  • Osborne Ave (Margate City)
  • Texas Ave (Atlantic City)
  • Washington Ave (Ventnor City)

Cape May County

  • Bennett Ave (Wildwood)
  • Forget Me Not Rd. (Wildwood Crest)
  • Grant St. (Cape May)
  • Hollywood Ave (Wildwood Crest)
  • Jefferson Ave (Wildwood Crest)
  • Lavender Rd. (Wildwood Crest)
  • Miami Ave (Wildwood Crest)
  • Montgomery Ave (Wildwood)
  • Orchid Rd. (Wildwood Crest)
  • Philadelphia Ave (Cape May)
  • Queen Street North (Cape May)
  • Richmond Ave (Lower Township)

Ocean County

  • East Beach Station Ave (Pine Beach) (River)

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