Everyone's been working hard at the gym to keep up with their resolutions. But according to top gyms, it's all downhill after today.

So, great! We made it to the gym, and kept with our fitness resolutions to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Go us!

Now, I just came across an article that basically says: 'well it's all downhill here.' Why?

According to gyms like 'Gold's Gym' and 'Anytime Fitness,' check-ins will decrease after February 9th (which is today). The reason may be because life just happens, so as much as we want to stay committed, we get distracted...or lazy.

From personal gym experience (I worked at a gym for four years), it's true that people frequent the gym a lot less after January. (Source: USA Today)

Here are my tips to keep going:




  • 1

    Find A Workout You Like

    No seriously, you're not going to do a workout you hate. See, I LOVE weight lifting and cardio. Meanwhile, my friend prefers to do zumba and pilates. Find what you like, stick to it.

  • 2

    Be Rational

    Okay, so we all need to 'drop 20 pounds,' or however much you need to lose. Be realistic, aim for 6 months versus in one month. It's less pressure and honestly you won't go crazy.

  • 3

    Set Up A Schedule

    Okay, so life always gets in the way. There will always be an excuse. When I was in college, what I did was literally set up a schedule for the week. I fit in things I had to do like school and internships and added the gym into the mix. If I couldn't make it that day? No biggie.

  • 4

    Celebrate The Small Stuff

    Lost 30 pounds? Awesome? Lost an ounce? AWESOME. Whatever it is, cheer yourself on. You're your biggest cheerleader as corny as that sounds - it's true!

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