You may know the "12 Days of Christmas" with 3 french hens, 8 maids a milking, and 12 drummers drumming, but do you know what 12 days of a South Jersey Christmas would give you? Clearly pork roll has to be in there somewhere, Wawa will have to be included, and maybe even the Jersey Devil will make an appearance.

Well this year while you sit around the tree with family and friends, you can sing a new kind of Christmas carol. A Christmas carol you will feel more familiar with. When was the last time you got 7 swans a swimming? Do you really want a partridge in a pear tree? What would you do with all that stuff? It might end up with the Grinch on the top of Mount Crumpit.

The South Jersey version of the classic Christmas song includes: 12 Shoobies driving, 11 pizza slices, 10 jug handles, 9 late night diners, 8 lighthouses, 7 Wawa runs, 6 Johnson's popcorn, 5 beach badges, 4 muddy tires, 3 boardwalks, 2 Jersey Devils, and a pork roll egg and cheese. Sounds like a great Christmas right? Well, except for the Shoobie drivers and the jug handles.

Learn all the words and sing along to the karaoke version of "12 Days of South Jersey."

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