A 10-year old girl broke the grasp of her potential abductors in Brick this Saturday, now police need help finding the suspects.

The girl was reportedly playing hide-and-seek with friends around 9 p.m. Saturday near her home at the Waterside Gardens apartments off Drum Point Road, according to Brick Patch.

The girl told police two men called over for her to them. When she refused, they allegedly followed her and threatened to use force to get her to comply. The man then grabbed her by the arm but she pulled away and ran away from a second male suspect. The men then reportedly escaped via a nearby running minivan.

According to Brick Police the subjects are described as follows:

The first is a white male wearing a N.Y. Yankees baseball hat, a blue tank top shirt and blue jeans. He was described as having tattoos covering both of his arms, to his wrists. He smelled of alcohol and body odor.

The second is a white male who was dressed in white cargo shorts, a tan shirt and wore glasses. He was wearing an unknown colored baseball hat. He may have had a tattoo on his right bicep.

The minivan used in the getaway  was described as dirty and blue in color with silver rims.

An investigation is underway. If you have information to share you are urged to call the Police Department at 732 262-1100 or Detective Bob Shepherd at 732-262-1121.