A new member has joined the SoJO family! Meet 'Social' Spring Gonzalez! Spring has recently been added to The Mike Show mornings on SoJO, and we'd love for you to get to know her!

  • 1

    Her middle name is Sapphire.

    Yes, like the gemstone!

  • 2

    Strongly dislikes being mistaken for a Summer.

    It's her BIGGEST pet peeve.

  • 3

    Born and raised in Bronx, NY.

    She's 'Spring from The Block'.

  • 4

    She's obsessed with Marilyn Monroe.

    Actually, obsessed doesn't begin to cover it.

  • 5

    Has 3 tattoos.

    So far...

  • 6

    Has gotten a piercing every year since she turned 15.

    And counting...

  • 7

    Green is her favorite color.

    Keeping it simple.

  • 8

    The Killers is her favorite band.

    We'll call her 'Ms. Brightside'.

  • 9

    She's secretly engaged to Leonardo DiCaprio.

    He just likes to keep it on the DL.

  • 10

    Has a very short attention span.

    Like, goldfish short.

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