If you're an avid Snapchatter like I am, I have good news for you because Snapchat makes you more likely to have a good day than any other social media. According to a new study from the University of Michigan, Snapchat is a step below face-to-face communication and affects your mood in a positive way.

The researchers recruited 154 college students who frequently use smartphones and social media. Over a two-week period they texted their subjects every day over a two week period. When answering the text they had to answer a survey of which latest social interaction they have recently used and how it made them feel.

It was found that when the students had Snapchat interactions they had more positive reactions versus Facebook. Researchers speculate it might because there's less to feel insecure about since images disappear in seconds, and feels similar to sitting face-to-face with a friend on the daily.

There isn't as much to time to obsess over a certain photo since it will disappear in seconds, unlike Instagram and Facebook. As someone who uses this social network frequently, I have to agree. Snapchat is more personable and I could be silly without fear of being judged, and I get to stay connected with my friends on a different level similar to Facetime or Skype.

You can read the read study by the University of Michigan here.