It's not easy being a girl, lol. We've got to hoist up, suck in, paint on, wax off. It's a jungle out there. Here are ten small moments of relief every girl looks forward to.

Our friends at BuzzFeed have compiled an even bigger list!

  • 1

    Taking out a tight ponytail or braid.

    E. Karauskas/ThinkStock
  • 2

    Watching dead skin get sloughed off your feet.

  • 3

    Finding a tampon in the bottom of your handbag just when you need one.

  • 4

    Taking off your bra at the end of the day.

    G. Victoria/ThinkStock
  • 5

    When your dark lipstick manages to last most of the day.

    Michael Pemberton/ThinkStock
  • 6

    When your period ends right before your vacation.

    Steve Frost/ThinkStock
  • 7

    Taking off your tights.
  • 8

    Seeing all your makeup come off on a cosmetics remover wipe.

  • 9

    Being able to paint the nails on your dominant hand.

  • 10

    Taking off sky-high heels!