We've all been there. You start a TV series, curious to know where the story will take you, and hopeful you'll be hooked. So, you try. But sometimes you've just gotta bail. Here are 10 shows South Jersey TV fans started but couldn't bear to finish.

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Earlier this week, I posed the question on the SoJO Facebook Fan page, and you quickly chimed in. Check out the full thread:

Personally, I had a hard time with Barry on HBO, Parks and Rec, and Westworld (even though I only recently dumped out on that 3/4 of the way through Season 4). And, although I'm in the minority, I only made it through about three minutes of This Is Us before knowing it was not for me.

Flip through this gallery, and then tell us what TV series you started but couldn't finish in the comment box below!

10 Shows South Jersey TV Fans Started But Couldn't Finish

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