The seventh season of HBO's Game of Thrones is already coming to an end this Sunday! So if you're already floundering around in a panic not knowing where to turn when it ends, don't sweat it! Here is a list of 10 great shows coming back with new seasons this fall.

  • 1

    Stranger Things - Season 2

    I’ve heard great things about Stranger Things on Netflix, the show that pretty much everyone went crazy for last year. I still haven’t gotten around to watching past the first episode, but it’s definitely on my list. The binge-worthy series continues with season 2 October 27.

  • 2

    American Horror Story - Cult

    Another show that’s difficult not to get hooked by is FX’s American Horror Story. It’s a horror genre anthology series where each season is essentially an independent miniseries. It’s nightmarish and disturbing in all the right ways. AHS “Cult” comes to haunt us September 5.

  • 3

    The Walking Dead - Season 8

    AMC’s mega hit series The Walking Dead continues this fall as we follow Rick Grimes and his crew as they strive to survive in the post-apocalyptic zombie world. I have to admit I’ve slacked on this show for a few seasons. I have a lot of catching up to do! Season 8 premieres on AMC Oct. 22.

  • 4

    Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 9

    Finally after a six year break!! The HBO hit comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm returns Oct. 1 with the hilarious Larry David. Let me just say, this show honestly cracks me up!  I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans he’ll get himself into this season.

  • 5

    Grey's Anatomy - Season 14

    The hit ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy returns with season 14 September 28. Definitely a date my mom undoubtedly has marked on her calendar!

  • 6

    Black Mirror - Season 4

    Ok, if you like dark, thought-provoking TV shows, Black Mirror on Netflix is absolutely a MUST try. This techno horror anthology series is truly amazing from the writing to the concepts to the acting. It’s one of those shows that really makes you think about how all our technology might affect us in the future.

    Although Netflix hasn't released an official release date for the new season, the names of the six episodes have been released. Season 4 is "coming soon" to Netflix.

  • 7

    Scandal - Season 7

    It's the last hurrah for fans of ABC's Scandal. Olivia Pope will grace our screens for the seventh and last season of the popular series Oct. 5.

  • 8

    Narcos - Season 3

    My boyfriend got me into this series some months ago and it is absolutely gripping. Netflix's Narcos follows the events surrounding and leading up to the capture and death of the legendary drug cartel lord Pablo Escobar. The new season, premiering Sept. 1, will open up a chapter of the drug trafficking business in the wake of his death.

  • 9

    Broad City - Season 4

    Broad City on Comedy Central is always good for some good lols. It’s become one of my all-time favorite comedies. Hilarity ensues when we follow the antics of two NYC gals Abbi and Ilana just trying to make it. Feminist and funny! Watch it with your BFF and some wine for a good time. The show comes back with season 4 September 13. Yas Queen!!

  • 10

    The Crown - Season 2

    I sat down one Saturday afternoon, watched the pilot of this show and didn’t stop watching until I had burned through the entire season. I’ve been starving for more ever since, so I’m absolutely ecstatic for the return of The Crown on Netflix. It follows the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign through the drama and turmoil of her political and personal life. The second season premieres...*wince*... December 8.

    Ok, ok! I know that's not technically fall, but I had to include it on this list. It's just that good of a show!

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