Dolls can be cute or downright creepy. These 10 dolls appear to be haunted and will have you giving the next doll you see a second  - or third look!

Let's be honest, there are some dolls that look down right evil. I have actually met a famous doll in Key West named Robert The Doll and he creeped me out. More on Robert The Doll in a later video...

These dolls are just darned freaky. The dolls number 9, number 7 and number 1 are the ones that creeped me out the most!


This awesomely creepy video was posted on YouTube by Eskify.

Pretty terrifying right? Well, if you like creepy things, check out this video of one of the bathrooms at work. We like to call it, South Jersey's Scariest Bathroom Ever, from SoJO 104.9...


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