How Much Is Too Much To Spend On Your Teen’s Prom? [POLL]
South Jersey prom season is here.  And a new USA Today survey finds the average prom cost for parents of teens has reached $1,078, approximately a $200 increase from last year.  Between dresses, tuxes, limos, flowers, pre/post-parties and spending money your teens could have you digging de…
Which New Roommate Comedy Will You Watch? [POLL]
Roommate comedies are all the rage on television.  From Happy Endings, to Two Broke Girls, to Whitney, every network seems to be jumping on the share-living scenario bandwagon.  Tomorrow night ABC and NBC pit two new room coms against each other in the 8:30 p.m. time slot.  Don't…
Will Gavin DeGraw Survive On Dancing With The Stars? [POLL]
It's hard to believe it's been a year since Gavin DeGraw played his SoJO Session at Tropicana's Firewaters in Atlantic City.  Now, Gavin is just trying to stay afloat as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.  Despite heavy praise from the judges, Gavin's score of 24 last night leaves him vulnerabl…
What’s Overexposed In Hollywood? [POLL]

Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Forbes magazine has just released its list of Most Overexposed Celebrities. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian took the number one spot with 65 percent of the vote.  Two of Kim's sisters landed in the top 10 along with Snooki from Jersey Shore and Lindsay Lohan.  Wha…
Would You Wear A Fragrance By Madonna? [POLL]
Soon, we can all smell like the Material Girl.  Madonna has created a new scent called 'Truth Or Dare'.  The fragrance (with hints of gardenias and tuberose) will soon be available at Macy's.  Is it worth buying?
Will you wear Madonna's new perfume?

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