So far 2012 has seen the dominance of Adele carry over from 2011, Gotye has the biggest song in the world right now, Rihanna is heading to the movies (Battleship opens May 18th), and many names you may have forgotten about are coming back - most will get you excited!

There seems to be a glut of bands back on the road this summer in an attempt to recapture their past fame - the smart approach has been having a package of 4-5 bands uniting for one night.  The Summerland Tour may be the highlight of these packages as it stops in NJ on July 21st at the PNC Bank Arts Center (Holmdel - Exit 116 off the Garden State Parkway).

Sugar Ray could have toured by themselves and sold out small venues with their resume of hits (5 Top-10 hits between 1997-2001), but combining themselves with Everclear (9 Top-15 Alt. Rock hits, some of which were major hits - "Santa Monica" and "Wonderful" come to mind) creates a great night of music.  The added bonus for your ticket price is having Lit ("My Own Worst Enemy"), Marcy Playground ("Sex and Candy"), and 90s radio staple The Gin Blossoms (6 Top-20 hits between '91-'95) on the bill.

Everclear is releasing their first new CD in over 6 years as they head out for this tour.  I will be curious to hear the new music, but you may not.  Here are some artist that may get your attention with their comebacks this year:

No Doubt

We all know that Gwen Stefani has thrived as a solo act away from the band that made her a star - six Top-15 hits last decade including "Hollaback Girl" (#1 smash!) and "Sweet Escape" (which you still hear on SoJO).  Gwen deserves props for doing material that is distinctively different that her bands style and influence, which creates excitement about the band's Sept. 25th release.  The only leak we have is a No Doubt webisode from YouTube, as they countdown to their first CD since 2001.

Eve 6

This name may surprise you because the band had only 2 major hits - "Inside Out" and "Here's To The Night".  When this trio broke out by 1999, they were not even of drinking age!  Now in their 30s and having worked in other ends of the music business, Eve 6 is back with their new CD Speak In Code - their first in over 9 years.  Why they make this list is because their new single has promise.  Check out "Victoria":


The drama that is Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (drugs, alcohol, rehab, fights) has always been a part of the band's history.  Apparently all is good with these two right now, and it's time for a new generation discover the talent of this band and realize there is more to Steven Tyler then judging American Idol.  Look in September for the band's new CD - their first since 2004.

Alanis Morissette

It has only been four years since her last release, but this woman does not ever have to work again - Jagged Little Pill in 1995 sold over 33 Million worldwide (#12 all time in music history).  She has not had a major hit since 2002 ("Hands Clean"), and has spent most of her time concentrating on acting and being a mom.  Sneak a listen to "Magical Child" from her upcoming Havoc and Bright Lights release: