When you see the love that an animal lover has for their pet, you see the attachment and bond they have with a special animal.  Death is part of the life cycle, but if you could clone your pet how much would you be willing to pay?

TLC's newest show "I Cloned My Pet" recently focused on Edgar and Nina Otto, who decided when their dog was dying in 2008 that they would keep some of his DNA.  Sir Lancelot was 11 at the time, a senior citizen in human years, and diagnosed with cancer - at this time word was out about cloning technology being developed.

Animal cloning takes stored DNA of an animal, then injects the DNA into the egg of a surrogate dog.  The Sooam Biotech Research Foundation is the South Korean firm that has perfected the technology, and the only one to have done so so far.

The Otto's spent $155,000 to have their precious pet cloned - the end result in 2009 was the first ever cloned dog.  Lancelot Encore, nicknamed Lancey, is an identical copy of the Otto's old friend.