Parents were a little confused--and some what outraged-when 3'rd graders were asked a certain question on the NJ ASK tests.


The 3'rd graders were asked to disclose a secret about their lives – and why it’s hard to keep it.


How did a  question like this get on this test to begin with? A spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Education says any question that goes on the NJ ASK test is first developed with a test group -Measurement Inc.- they administer the NJ ASK test….then it’s reviewed by a New Jersey Department of Education expert – a content expert – and then it goes through a teachers advisory group – to see is it appropriate, etc – if it passes through that, they do test groups – for a couple of years –---------------------------


OK---you get the idea----


Was the question appropriate for an 8 yr old?  Why do you think it was written in the test to begin with?  Take our poll, and comment below!