Your goal for this weekend is to make the mothers in your life happy - that means the mother to your children, your mother-in-law (be nice!), and of course the woman who carried you for 9+ months and suffered through hours upon hours of labor.  This edition of "The Playlist" salutes Mom with sweetness and fun!

Your Mom is a Superwoman, was once a Daughter, has been there for you no matter what you have done, she may have cooked you spaghetti once or twice, her Words ring through your head, and yeah she may at times seem a little weird, but she has helped make you who you are because she loved you!

The Playlist will take all this and create a soundtrack to Mom that will rock, touch your hearts, make you laugh a little, and it's all done with love.  Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's this weekend, and enjoy this set of music that has you written all over it:

Fountains Of Wayne -- Stacy's Mom (she's got it going on!)

Tracy Bonham -- Mother Mother (this conversation with Mom was #1 at Modern Rock in '96)

Junior -- Mama Used To Say (Mom's advice led to a Top-30 hit in '82)

John Mayer -- Daughters (you know they "turn into Mothers" if they are blessed)

John Mellencamp -- I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Dad knew about it, so it's all good!)

Eminem -- Lose Yourself ("Mom's Spaghetti" gets mentioned, and that's good eats!)

Boyz II Men -- A Song For Mama (we have more that one here!)

Ozzy Ozbourne -- Mama I'm Coming Home (this Sunday for sure!)

Lee Ann Womack -- I Hope You Dance (her video shows a mother's hope for her daughter)

Christina Aguilera -- I Turn To You (play this for your Mom and you'll both be crying!)

Queen -- Bohemian Rhapsody (they "didn't mean to make you cry" Mama!)

Alicia Keys -- Superwoman ("This is for all the Mothers....")

Vanilla Ice -- Ice Ice Baby ("Word to your Mother!")

Phil Collins -- You Can't Hurry Love (Mama said "Love don't come easy")

Cheap Trick -- Surrender (Mommie's alright, but "just seems a little weird")

Celine Dion -- Because You Loved Me (we are everything we are thanks to our Mom's love!0