Early Congratulations to all who are a part of the graduating Class of 2012.  As your big day approaches, we here at SoJO would like to hear from you with "shout-outs" to be played during the final stretch of your school career.

Feel free to call SoJO 104.9 and get a message recorded for your school and your friends.  We will be looking for your calls throughout the day (especially in the morning with Tom Morgan, and during the SoJO 7@7 Countdown).  Consider this your"15 seconds of fame" to get your message and your school out there.  So long as you are graduating, it does not matter what level of school we are talking - middle school, high school, college, whatever!

Remember the number here is 1-800-586-1049.  We'll be waiting for your call and your "shout-out"!