It was crushing, pressing, and education for five lucky winners crafting their own signature wine blend at The Wine Room Of Cherry Hill On April 28th qualifiers joined SoJO Midday host Heather DeLuca for a wine tasting event at The Wine Room Of Cherry Hill.  Several won the ultimate experience of being part of the wine crafting process.  That process began this past Saturday with a lesson in crushing and pressing grapes that will be used for a special signature blend!  Heather and the winners got their hands dirty with Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which were much sweeter than you'd imagine!   We learned how wine grapes are grown and cared for, and the chemistry of the fermentation process.  The science behind the wine was very compelling as we learned how a grape's sugar is turned into alcohol and how wine gets its proof.  Eventually we will return to check on the progress of our wine, and sometime this winter we will bottle, cork, name and take home our very own signature wine!




Crushing Grapes!











Heather DeLuca getting used to the feel of grapes under her feet.












SoJO account executive Dave Callahan stirring in yeast.








Grape presser and the first forming of our wine.









SoJO winners getting some ideas of varietals!





Visit The Wine Room Of Cherry Hill on Easterbrook Lane!  It's a haven for wine lovers of all levels!  It's such a great experience to share with family and friends!  The staff will tell you everything you need to know about wine!

Check back with us this summer for an update on how the SoJO signature blend is progressing!