As news was coming out by the TV networks about new shows entering their respective lineups starting in the fall, two major shows are reaching their end - each for different reasons.

There had been rumors swirling around NBC that their award winning 30 Rock was about to call it quits.  Alec Baldwin had been hinting heavily that this next season would be his last, and now NBC confirms that Tina Fey and her talented group will be ending next year.

Struggling ratings has always been an issue for 30 Rock, but the show has always been hailed as one of the best on TV, with 6 Golden Globes and 14 Emmy wins during its run so far.  The chemistry between Baldwin and Fey (as Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon) has set the tone for this show that has gotten better with age.  The supporting cast is some of the funniest people around ranging from the loose cannon Tracy Morgan, the "World Champion" Judah Friedlander, the underrated Jane Krakowski, the almost 40-yr-old who looks so much younger Jack McBrayer, the very cool Keith Powell, and the lovable Scott Adsit.

NBC has agreed to just 13 more episodes of 30 Rock before it ends wtih a one-hour series finale in 2013.  30 Rock will grow in the future now that the show is in syndication (and seen on PHL17).

Meanwhile over at CBS, a surprise move popped with the announcement of CSI: Miami ending after 10 seasons.  The show today was not renewed for another season by the network.

The head scratching announcement today by CBS series ends a show that has been consistently among the  Top-20 shows in the Nielsen ratings.  While it is true that the other CSI franchise has had lesser ratings (CSI: NY with Gary Sinise), the shows costs were significantly less.  CSI: Miami did shoot on location in Miami, which kept its star David Caruso happy - his life is firmly entrenched there with his girlfriend, their kids, and his variety of business interests down there.

This brings back memories of FOX a few years back cancelling 24 despite having great ratings and rabid following - costs of making the show proved to be too much to make it profitable.

Caruso will close a chapter on his 2nd memorable character he has had in TV history.  His short stint on NYPD Blue as Detective John Kelly (won Golden Globe in '94) launched a show ABC cashed in on for 12 seasons.  Although his movie career did not pan out the way he hoped after leaving Blue, his resurrection as Horatio Caine became a great comeback story for Caruso.

Don't be shocked if a show like Dexter comes calling for Caruso - the Showtime series is also a Miami based production.