Yes, the Millennials.

And they have no intention of leaving mom and dad's house any time soon!

Nearly half of the 18-to-34 year olds are staying home especially in New Jersey. According to the U.S. Census Data for 2015, New Jersey has the highest amount of young people at home in the nation. (#winning)?

But, hey at least majority of us are employed, amirite? reports, nearly two-thirds of young people are working even though they're not living alone.

So, what is up? Why are young people not moving out?

Although they're working, there isn't affordable housing for post-grad students on top of college debt, a weak job market, later marriages, etc, etc, etc. mentions, staying at home hurts the state's economy since there's less demand for new buildings or small things like home appliances. On the positive, relationships between millennials and their parents are stronger than ever.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that majority of young people at home are still in college. Remembering how expensive college was, staying at home really was the best option.

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