It’s not easy being a Millennial in New Jersey.

Maybe that's why the Garden State has one of the lowest rates of volunteerism among young adults in the country, and one of the highest rates of young adults still living with their parents.

New Jersey is ranked the 32nd best state for Millennials to live in, according to a Wallet Hub study. The study looks at each state's affordability, education, health and quality of life, economic health and civic engagement.

Millennials are struggling to afford living in New Jersey. The state was ranked 48th in highest housing costs, and 42nd in overall affordability. New Jersey also has the highest percentage of Millennials still living with their parents, at almost 50 percent.

In terms of civic engagement, New Jersey didn't rank high in this category, either.

"The Millennial volunteer rate is one of the lowest in the country," said Wallet Hub Analyst Jill Gonzalez, who says this is common in states where residents have to work more in order to afford their home.

As far as education and health, New Jersey ranked 14th.

"It's no secret that New Jersey, every year, is tops in terms of education," says Gonzalez.

The amount of doctors per capita and public hospital systems also helped New Jersey's ranking in this category.

Both New York and Pennsylvania are in the top half of best states to live, and the District of Columbia is ranked number one.

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