It has been a wet week leading up to the first day of summer here in South Jersey. Torrential downpours flooded roads and kept everyone from outdoor activities. However, sometimes the rain brings along with it something beautiful. Social media was filled with magnificent rainbow photos.

If you scrolled through Facebook or Instagram yesterday, you were probably greeted with a plethora of rainbow photos. These are my favorite days on social media, I would much rather see photos of rainbows and dogs than anything else.

The rain may have made for a lousy beach day, but that doesn't mean the beach wasn't just as beautiful as it usually is. Beach Haven Beach Patrol shared a breathtaking photo of a rainbow that graced the beach after yesterday's storms.

They say a pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, if that pot of gold is the beach I'm in.

The rainbow, the high contrast of the photo, and the reflection of the lifeguard stand in the puddle are just perfect.

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