Outdoor concerts are a summertime staple for many here at the Jersey Shore. They're simple, put a bunch of people in one space, play some music and enjoy the sounds and atmosphere. Carefree, right?

Check out these 5 "survival" tips to making your summer concert experience one to remember.

  • 1

    Wear Pants With Pockets (That Close)

    First, you shouldn’t be too concerned when it comes to fashion at an outdoor show. Between the heat (or threat of rain) and trekking from the car to the venue location, there are too many factors that could have you cursing your outfit choice. Choose what you wear wisely.

    Second, wearing pants (or a dress) with pockets that either button or zipper is essential because they provide you the opportunity to ditch the purse or bag and travel light.

  • 2

    Bring Ear Plugs

    This may seem like a strange idea given you're at a concert to enjoy the music, but according to Everydayhearing.com, 26 million Americans have noise-induced hearing loss that could’ve been prevented. The website also reports that you can damage your hearing in just one event.

    Aside from hearing loss, things such as migraines and tinnitus can also be triggered from prolonged exposure to loud noise. Try Etymotic High-Fidelity Ear Plugs.

    Everydayhearing.com reports that these ear plugs are reusable and preserve the quality of sound at music events. These ear plugs can be purchased at local drug stores.

  • 3

    Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

    This probably sounds like a no-brainer, but knowing your exact location within a venue and where the exits are is important in case of an emergency.

    NOTE: This is especially helpful if you're with a group of people, in the event you get separated.

  • 4

    Why Pay to Park? Use Uber or Lyft

    Does this tip really need an explanation? Save yourself the frustrations (and cash) that comes with driving and parking yourself.


  • 5

    Bathroom Do's and Donts'

    When going to a concert you will either encounter bathrooms, portable toilets, or both and it’s important to know how to survive them.

    In both cases make sure you have hand sanitizer and a friend to hold the items you don’t want to risk getting germy.

    If your outdoor concert is an all day affair where you'll be forced to use Porta Potties, we also suggest bringing your own toilet paper (napkins, disposable towels, etc.) You can't trust the bathrooms to be fully stocked all day long. At some point, your own supply will come in handy. Trust us.

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