Have you ever wanted to learn a new language but never had the time? With my app of the week, you can learn a new language any time and anywhere.

I came across 'Babbel' when I saw how eloquently this car salesman spoke Spanish to my grandmother (who is a native Spanish speaker). Seeing as I'm unable to speak Spanish, I was impressed! When she told me her secret was 'Babbel,' of course I had to try!

'Babbel' from it's free trial is really fun, easy and interactive. You can learn tons of languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, the list goes on! The app provides review lessons as well as if you were in school, which I think is cool.

What really appealed to me most, was that I can practice while driving in my car! Now, I have yet to purchase their packages - but after its praise from the car salesman...I just might!

Babbel is available for all phones, and worth the download if your new year resolution was to learn a new language!

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