As we get closer to the midway  point of the first American X-Factor season (hard to believe), let's give out some grades to the show:

Simon:  A
Simon Cowell never disappoints me. The show brought a sort of new life to talent competition and could, just maybe, end American Idol (gasp)! That's right friends, welcome to the talent competition wars.

Paula:  A-

Call me crazy here, but it seems that Paula has gone through some kind of de-tox program.  Maybe she even went to a speech coach.  She seems, well, co-herent!  Also, the magic between Paula and Simon has built over the years, so much so, that their chemestry is un-stoppable

L.A. Reid:  C

I'm giving him a C....for now.  First off, I can tell L.A. knows talent when he sees it.  But, we need some character!  This is national TV, not a private session/chritique with your contestants.

Nicole Scherzinger:  B-

Like L.A., we need more "spunk".  Nicole has been successful from the Pussycat Dolls, to Dancing with the Stars, so I have no doubt she will really add some spark to this show.  On American Idol, JLo had this way of showing a lot of emotion to each contestant.  Like her or not, you can tell that she was showing her personality and not giving us something stale.

Overall:  A

Give this show four years to completely destroy American Idol as the new premiere way to find talent.  Idol has too many restrictions such as age and single acts only.  Plus, with Simon and Paula on board with the X-Factor, you know this will be a must watch.  What do you think?