Donna from Hammonton called The Mike Show and said that she was having an argument with her husband about babysitters.

Donna told us that she WILL NOT HIRE a babysitter who is a guy. She will only hire a female sitter - END OF STORY. Donna's husband says it should be about who is the best babysitter and it should not be about gender.

young rich spoiled teen near expensive machine


They could hire a neighbor's college age female babysitter to watch their 2 children, or they could hire their 21 year old cousin - who is a male.

Donna says babysitters should be female because they are more attentive and are more sensitive to children. She says that young men are not. She's worried that a male babysitter will be less experienced and less compassionate, watching after their 2 small children.

Is it right that we have a stigma about a baby sitter being a guy? Would you hire a male baby sitter? Take The Mike Show Poll!




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