Pumpkin Spice is sooo yesterday, time to bring in these two heavy-hitters.

Now that it's November, I feel like the whole PSL fad is starting to cool down, and the real beverages start to take the stage. And no, apple cider is not even going to be a thought in this blog. So enter hot chocolate and eggnog.

But what is the real drink of the holiday season? If you ask me, it's no question, without a doubt, hot chocolate. I don't even understand people who like eggnog. Egg is not something that you should be drinking. That doesn't sound right to me. It sounds gross.

But I'll be fair, so lets break it down.

Hot Chocolate Pros:

  • If used with milk it gives you 20% of your daily calcium intake.
  • You can also use skim milk or dark chocolate for the health conscious, plus it gives added flavor.
  • When using natural cocoa powder it's filled with antioxidants that reduce stress and heart disease.
  • Marshmallows are a delicious add-on to complete the visual presentation.

Hot Chocolate Cons:

  • Store made hot chocolate uses sweetened chocolate syrup which packs on the calories and sugar. And let's not forget about the whipped cream.
  • If you use water....why? That's just warm chocolate water. Ew.

So what about Eggnog?

Eggnog Pros:

  • So much dairy and egg. Not only do you get an upped calcium intake but you get a little protein as well.
  • You can spike eggnog for the adult-only parties.
  • Adding some cinnamon can give some spicy flavor to an already delightful, right in the feels, drink.

Eggnog Cons:

  • You want some booze with that 'nog? Hope you want extra calories as well, because that's what you're getting.
  • Like I said earlier, you are drinking egg whites. Just. No.
Brent Hofacker/Thinkstock

Where do you fall on this matter? Do you prefer hot chocolate, or eggnog?

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