Good news, that glass of wine in your hand is actually healthy for your mind. At least it is according to this latest study.

At the Yale School of Medicine, neuroscientist Dr. Gordon Shepherd spent good time and research to help us find an excuse for our nightly wine habit. (joking)

Turns out, wine gives us a better workout than 'any other brain activity.' (not joking) Thanks to this research, we have a better idea how our brain processes flavor. Wine doesn't necessarily have taste or flavor, but our brain creates the sensation for us.

Our brain activates taste and odor receptors in our tongue when we drink or smell wine. Shepherd says: “The taste is not in the wine; the taste is created by the brain of the wine taster." So basically, our wine experience is based off our own memories and emotions.

If you're still having issues understanding all this, I drew this poorly drawn graph to help you out a bit:

Spring Gonzalez
Spring Gonzalez

Still having a hard time understanding? Read the full article here.

In the meantime, I'll be sipping on my $10 Pinot Grigio to "exercise my brain."

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