This Woodbury man tried faked a slip-and-fall at a Deptford Walmart so he could collect money. Unfortunately for him, authorities found out the truth.

Doesn't one know by now to not go up against Walmart??

According to authorities, this man claimed he was the victim of a slip-and-fall, and even recorded a statement for investigators to back up his claim.

Obviously, there was no way he was going to get his claim money without an investigation first. Once again, this is Walmart - they definitely have a team of lawyers and investigators for these situations (and yes, I'm speculating).

Courier-Post reports that after an investigation by Gloucester County's Prosecutor Office and the National Insurance Crime Bureau, they figured out the accident was completely staged. He reportedly walked through a puddle three times, and staged the fall on the fourth time.

I did sympathize with this man after discovering he needed money for a pre-existing back injury while also unemployed and uninsured. So, I'm assuming he was in a desperate situation.

Unfortunately, insurance fraud and falsifying records is still considered a fourth-degree crime. says his trial is set for October.

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