Pitman woman is accused of stealing an EMT's wallet while the EMT was trying to save her boyfriend's life.

Mike and I were so upset to read this news.

Reportedly, Brittany Caruilli sat inside the ambulance that arrived after her boyfriend was hit by a car at Mullica Hill and Zee roads early Sunday morning.

From reading the article, I'm assuming the EMT allowed Brittany to sit inside since she was upset and as a way to stay out of the weather. Inside the vehicle was the EMT's wallet holding all her cards, ID and $120 cash.

Later on that afternoon, the EMT noticed her wallet was missing. Since no one else had access to the ambulance before the wallet's disappearance, Brittany was assumed to be the culprit.

According to police, Brittany admitted to the theft. As of now, the cash hasn't been recovered.

It's disappointing to read this considering EMTs are there to save lives. She stole a wallet versus just accepting the EMTs act of kindness while saving her boyfriend's life.



For those wondering, the EMT was from Gloucester County Emergency Medical Service.

Read the full story at Courier-Post online.


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