Some woman stole a hunter's dog while they were out hunting on Tuesday in the weirdest way possible.

Adam Williams told Medford police he was hunting around 1:25 p.m. around Ark Road when his foxhound ran off. Sounds pretty normal, considering foxhounds are hunting dogs.

When Adam came out of the woods, he noticed a gray Dodge minivan along the road and saw his dog was inside. He reportedly told the woman the dog belonged to him and instead of giving the dog back...

She drove away! Who just drives away after you've been caught red-handed?!?

If someone did this to me, I would be a cross between incredulous and pissed!

Adam describes the woman to Medford police as "heavyset," so that doesn't offer much a description. But anyone with information about this woman call Medford Township Police Department at (609) 267-8300.

She reportedly drove off heading south on Ark Road and west on Church Road toward Evesham Township.

Hopefully he finds his dog soon!


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