A fight broke out around 12:30 this morning at McDonald's on South Arkansas Ave in Atlantic City. Two women began to fight inside the McDonald's, which escalated quickly.

Customers were seen behind the counter throwing drink trays and bags at employees. You can hear someone call out for security and an employee pushing her way through.

One of the two women who began the fight hops up on the counter with a bottle of pepper spray as a security guard makes his way through the door to the restaurant. The woman is seen attempting the spray the guard and then spray him again in the face causing the guard to go back into the kitchen area.

The woman yells out profanity and falls off the counter. She then is seen to proceed towards the door towards where the guard left, but is stopped by what appears to be an employee. Customers then begin throwing things through the door yelling at the employees.

A group of customers run out of the restaurant and the guard is seen walking around on his cellphone.

Cops arrived shortly after one of the two women involved in the original fight had left.

Video is courtesy of Hector Vazquez and does contain profanity.

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