I was shocked when I first read this story, so much so that I felt like I immediately needed to do something to help this single Father.  You can help him too.


A husband and wife had their first newborn son.  When they found out he had Down syndrome, the Father refused to give him up. The wife then gave him an ultimatum, if he chose to keep the baby, she would divorce him. (6ABC).


The new Father refused to give up his son, and therefore, the wife left both of them.


From my perspective, I grew up with a cousin who has Down syndrome, so it's only natural that I feel shocked and angry over this story.  My cousin, despite any conditions, has been nothing but a joy to our family and I can't imagine anybody 'leaving' because of something he couldn't control.  This newborn child will now lose his Mother, and she's blaming him for it.   However, my anger soon turned into compassion.


The Father's name is Samuel Forrest, and he needs our help.  Samuel plans to move back to his native New Zealand where his son will receive loving support from family there. Though this plan has one small hitch: Forrest is not that well off alone, and now he needs to provide for two.

Forrest is hoping to raise enough money to take care of his son, Leo, without the help of daycare during the first year of his life.  Watching over Leo is crucial during this first year, and Forrest needs to be with his son now more than ever.  Forrest told ABC News. "It'd be different if he had his mommy."


If you would like to help Forrest and his newborn son, please click here.