It was 8 am on Saturday and I was doing some work in my office at the South Jersey headquarters of Townsquare Media.

It was a beautiful sunny morning in Northfield New Jersey. Temperatures were in the low 50's and there was barely a cloud in the sky.

As I went about my office work, there was a fairly constant noise from down the hallway. I kept hearing something that sounded like someone tapping on the glass. I shrugged it off and went about my work, but a few minutes later I noticed it again. Every few minutes there was the noise, then nothing, then the noise, then nothing.

I knew I was the only person in my hallway, so I knew whatever was making the sound was not human.

"Oh, Lord!" I thought. "What if it's that damn toilet running, or worse, overflowing, again." If that was the case, it would be best for me to just leave and pretend like I didn't hear it. Look, I'm kind of a company man, but I really draw the line at toilets, OK?

Finally, my curiosity is peaked and I make my way down the hallway and into a vacant office. I quickly realized what I was hearing. A bird (or birds - are they different or is it the same one?) kept flying into the very clean window in the empty office at the end of the hall. (Hey, we have trouble filling vacant jobs too!)

Here's what I saw:

Why are these birds flying into the window? What do they think is in the building?

I turned off the video and ventured back to my office.

WAIT! The noise just got 10 times worse!

Cue the video on my phone again:

So, there it was. Is that a woodpecker? Well, that's not wood, that's glass, you dumb-ass bird!

Since it's 2021, I googled "Do birds peck at glass?" The answer, yes! Here's what I found at

"While there's plenty of evidence that birds are highly intelligent creatures, they are not as smart as humans when it comes to abstract concepts like the idea of self and reflections. When they pass by glass that reflects the world and see themselves, they think it's another bird threatening them. In order to defend its territory from what appears to be an intruding bird, a bird will peck at the reflection on the glass. Not wanting to be the one to back down, the bird will continue pecking at the glass for several minutes.

If this happens once or twice, it is probably just a little alarming, but constant pecking has been known to cause breaks and cracks in the window."

I gotta tell ya, if I'm not dealing with a running toilet at work, I'm certainly not dealing with a broken window and a love-crazed bird. I taped some pieces of paper to the window, closed the door, returned to my office, and cranked the radio up.

That's what I get for showing up on a Saturday.

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