One single phrase is causing controversy.


It's not 'DO AC'.  Although, Wildwood wasn't exactly thrilled when Atlantic City introduced their 'DO AC' campaign back in 2013, Wildwood already had 'Do Wildwood'.  This particular phrase is a lot more simple, and in some ways, more polite:


'Watch the Tram Car, please.'


That's right, when the Tram Car operators on the Atlantic City Boardwalk tell you to watch the Tram Car, they are apparently stealing another Wildwood iconic phrase.  Town officials say that this alert phrase has been heard on the Wildwood Boardwalk since 1949, and that Atlantic City has not only stolen the phrase, but has also stolen the actual voice recording you hear in the Tram Cars.  'Watch the Tram Car, please'.


A phrase used in the name of safety has caused an attorney to send a cease and desist letter to Atlantic City.  According to FOX 29, Wildwood officials say it's time to settle the issue the name of Jersey shore unity.  Wildwood officials have even offered a replacement suggest for AC such as, "Please watch the tram car."   May I suggest, 'Get out of the way' or 'Move Over'?


So watch your words when you're polite to somebody, you might just be stealing somebody else's kind words.


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