Sometimes on Christmas, husbands just can't win.

One wife was so disappointed by her gifts that she took her fury out on her man's truck by setting it on fire.

34-year old Tracy Waters, of Dayton, Ohio, was arrested December 26 after she allegedly set fire to her husband Dave’s 2013 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab in a rage over her Christmas gifts, reports.

Dave's crime?  He gifted Tracy with a slow-cooker crock pot, a tasseled push-up bra, and red crotchless panties.

Police and fire crews responded to the couple's Dayton duplex after neighbors called 911 reported a vehicle on fire and a woman throwing armfuls of men’s clothing onto the flames.

Waters was charged with arson, assault with a weapon, the very 4-gallon ceramic crock pot she was presented, and using foul language in public.

Dave Waters told reporters he doesn’t understand why she became angry and turned violent, because he thought he hit the mark with his purchases.

“Good food, good lovin’, and a good truck were all I wanted for Christmas,” said the 37-year-old warehouse worker sporting a swollen-shut right eye.

Police and fire responded to a duplex in the city’s southeast after neighbors called emergency saying there was a vehicle on fire and a woman was observed throwing armfuls of what appeared to be men’s clothing onto the flames.

I think Carrie Underwood has material for a 'Before He Cheats' sequel.

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