Jason Derulo is on top of the world.  Lately he's been enjoying the biggest success of his career thanks to recent hits 'Talk Dirty' and 'Trumpets'.  But just two years ago, Jason faced the possibility of never dancing again.

In the fall of 2011, Derulo released his sophomore album Future History, featuring the hit 'Don't Wanna Go Home', and was preparing to embark on his first ever headlining tour.  Then on January 3, 2012, while rehearsing for the Future History Tour, he fell and landed upside down, broke a vertebrae in his neck. Jason required major surgery on his spine, and spent several months recuperating in traction from a hospital bed.  As a result, he was forced to cancel all of his tour dates.

An accident like that can spell career suicide in the music industry.  Jason's dance ability brought on comparisons to Usher and Michael Jackson. When you're a fairly new artist still trying to make a name for yourself, downtime like Jason was forced to take can sometimes mean fading from the public's mind.  That type of injury also worried Jason, who faced the possibility of paralysis, leaving him unable to ever dance again.

But through tough physical therapy and persistence, Jason endured, and rebounded in a way that not only reintroduced him to the world, but made him a bigger star then he'd been before his injury.

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