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Amanda DeSouza, of Margate, might be my new spirit animal. When she was left on hold by the unemployment office, for what eventually would be three hours, she turned to TikTok to pass the time, recording herself dancing to the on-hold music.

I mean, talk about making the best of a boring situation! And, does she have the moves, or WHAT?! She's clearly been a dancer all her life.

The endorphins Amanda got from dancing probably curbed her frustration. It's better than chucking the phone at the wall, which is probably what I would have done.

But Amanda's shown me what can happen when you look at a glass being 'half full' than 'half empty. It's all about perspective, even during times like this.

Go, Amanda!

**This video of Amanda DeSouza was shared to us by SoJO 104.9 sales associate Fran Northridge. 

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