Extensions, airbrushing, photo shop are all part of the making of the images of the famous.  And that kind of trickery, in my opinion, sets unrealistic goals for girls and women in the real world.  That's why I'm so glad Colbie Caillat is pulling back the curtain in the video for her inspiring new song 'Try'.

Most beauty in Hollywood is smoke and mirrors.  It's contrived.  Not to say there aren't stunningly REAL beautiful women in music and movies, but they are greatly enhanced once they go through the celebrity glam machine.

I was so blown away by Colbie's attempt to get real, that I chose to also.  I've come to work without makeup on for the last two days, and ya know what?  No one noticed.  Even if they were just being polite, no one told me I looked less-than.  Be a role model.  For girls around you, and for yourself.

by Heather DeLuca
by Heather DeLuca

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