Now that the weather is warm, my over all style changes. This is my time of the year. I much prefer to wear dresses in the summer over anything else. Anytime a girl wears a dress they are asked why they are so dressed up. They are usually also told they look very pretty/cute. Do I not look pretty all of the time? I'll answer that one, nope.

The motivation of the dress has little to do with what I want to look like that day. Sorry guys, it usually has nothing to do with you. Impressing a guy is so far down on the list that I'm not going to include it on my very official list below. Here are the real reasons girls "dress up."

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    We need to do laundry.

    Most of last week my outfit choices were determined by what clean clothes I had. Funny enough the clothes were my nicer clothes so it appeared as if I was really trying all week, when it was really out of laziness to not do laundry.

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    We're too lazy to put a full outfit together.

    Dress = 1 article of clothing. Shorts/skirt/pants + top = 2 articles of clothing. It's simple math for this reason. Slipping on a dress in the morning takes less physical and mental effort than putting on any other outfit. The same math applies to jumpsuits and rompers which I'm a fan of.

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    We don't feel like wearing pants.

    Jeans can be very uncomfortable sometimes, slipping on a dress is just so comfortable. I would say 9 times out of 10 when someone asks me why I am so dressed up it's because I did not want to put pants on.

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    We are trying to get compliments from other girls.

    A guy's compliment does not mean as much to girls as a girl's compliment does. When a random girl comes up to us and compliments our outfit, it's the best. Trying to show off to other girls is way higher on the list compared to trying to impress a guy.

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    We just bought new clothes.

    Think back to when you used to go back to school shopping for some new clothes. That first week of school all you wanted to wear was the brand new clothes you just got. This concept still applies to adults, if we buy new cute clothes we want to wear them ASAP.

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    We just cleaned out our closet and found things we forgot we owned.

    Sometimes we buy something and forget about it as it gets buried in the back of our closet. If we Marie Kondo our life we might find the hidden treasure and start wearing it again.