I have no tattoos. But I like seeing other people's tattoos, and I especially like learning about the meaning behind them. Which is why I find this story so confounding.

Reddit user u/leebobr posted a pic of her new tattoo. You'll recognize it. It's the state of New Jersey filled in with a flowery design. But the words "Never been to New Jersey, but I love Garden State" got some attention. When asked about this, she wrote the following.

"Honestly I don't actually know much about New Jersey! Of course I know the stereotypes but it would be silly to think that's accurate for an entire state, plus I've heard it's beautiful in the fall so it can't be that bad.

The inspiration for my tattoo is a movie called Garden State. It is one of my favorites and there are certain quotes in it that I love, but didn't want to just get a tattoo of quotes so I came up with this! Trust me though, I get strange looks and confused faces when I tell people who ask about it that I've never been."

So that was it? Because you loved the movie? I loved Forrest Gump but I wouldn't get a tattoo of Alabama. Oh and that flowery design inside New Jersey? It's the pattern of Zach Braff's shirt that matches a wallpaper behind him except with different colors. A scene from the movie. A movie she reeeeeally likes.

Now my wife has a very small, plain tattoo of New Jersey on her foot. Not filled in; just the outline. But she's a Jersey girl born and raised, and frankly is about as Jersey as it gets. She doesn't even want to pump her own gas, something we playfully fight about often. So she's earned it.

But hey, if outsiders want to ink up with our home state having never been here that's okay. Oooh, maybe they can figure out a way to tax her for this!

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